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Henry Alexander Diggins
​Henry works as a private music instructor teaching a number of students in all forms and styles of guitar, bass guitar, banjo, mandolin, balalaika, vocals, drums, music theory, and music composition.
Born in Hoover AL, Henry began playing guitar and piano very young.  He has performed in a number of different music groups from 2010-2013 including the nationwide performing Hoover First Edition Jazz Band.  He has since played a number of solo gigs in New Orleans.  These gigs have included a variety of styles of music including: jazz, classical, singer songwriter, country, rock, blues, and more.
Henry has received a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Music Performance, focusing on classical guitar graduating top of his class with Latin honors from Tulane University, in 2017.  During his time at Tulane he won a number of awards for his abilities on the guitar including international awards.  These awards include 2nd place in the 2016 St. Petersburg (Russia) Spring Music Competition, 2nd place in the 2015 New Orleans International Guitar Festival, and a scholarship award for his 2017 performance with the Jr. Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra.  Henry has also received a Masters of Music degree in Music Composition, and graduated in the top of his class from the University of Alabama, in 2019.
Henry is an active composer and songwriter.  He has composed a number of modern classical pieces which have been performed by groups, such as members of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra.  He has also written numerous country and singer-songwriter songs which he has performed at a variety of events and performances.  Henry's Master Thesis Piece Колокола Собора for Solo Guitar was also performed and published by Henry in 2019.
Henry is also active in working with film creators.  In 2017 he composed, recorded, and produced the music for the independent short film Shattered, written and directed by Kevin Walberg.  Henry was also featured both as a composer and as a main contributor to the short film Young Composers, directed by Jimmy Picere.
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